Flagship Project

The Sandton Trigeneration Plant is the flagship project of District Power. The plant will service the electrical, cooling and hot water needs of Kgoro Central, which is a 200 000m² mixed-use development above and adjacent to the Sandton Gautrain Station.

District Power intends to take advantage of access to the scarce commodity of natural gas, location at the heart of Sandton and the abundance of potential electricity, hot water and chilled water customers in close proximity.

The Sandton Trigeneration project will comprise a gas-to-diversified power Trigeneration plant on the Kgoro Central site, with dedicated off-take to Kgoro Central and surrounding customers.

The project has finalised the agreement that will allow for a dedicated liquefied natural gas connection, providing a sustainable and reliable primary energy source to the Sandton Precinct…a fundamental component of the growth of the hub.

Kgoro Central is scheduled to commission the first phase of development by September 2018, constituting roughly 60 000m², which will provide the first off-teak for the Sandton Trigeneration Project. The planned installation of the 17.6MW of gas connection will cater for the full heating, ventilation and air conditioning requirements of Kgoro Central through the management of generation by-products. The multi-cycle setup of the generating unit will reduce the HVAC-linked strain on the electricity grod and provide for a more energy efficienct mode of generation.




Sandton pipeline development progress.