Provision of dynamic energy solution

District Power provides dynamic and customised energy solutions for localised power grids or ‘power districts’, on a turnkey, fully funded basis.

Typical power mixes include gas to diversified energy, comprising electricity, cold and hot water (utilised in air conditioning systems), as well as thermal storage and solar PV power generation.

District Power employs a fund, develop and operate model. This structure allows energy off-takes to limit risk exposure through voluntary equity participation, where energy solutions are funded through a project financing structure. Off-takers will have the opportunity to lock in power purchase agreements that are comparable to current grid offerings; with the added benefit of security of supply. Operations will be underwritten by the OEM.

Solution Benefits


  • Security of supply of electricity, hot and cold water even during Eskom downtimes, due to direct connections.


  • Capped increases in costs to customer due to the agreed upon rates in the Gas Supply Agreement.
  • Energy is retailed at a comparable rate to Eskom due to inefficiencies of the engine technology.

Technology Efficiencies

  • High efficiency energy production as a result of the higher electrical efficiency of the  engine technology.
  • Low emissions of the engines relative to coal technology.