Why District Power

Value creation for customers

National grids take advantage of economies of scale and to avoid over-building expensive generating capacity. However these can sometimes be unreliable. Smaller-scale power generating plants are a secure and reliable way of supplying power at localised levels.

The plant utilises advanced engine technology with up to 90% efficiencies. The high efficiencies of the plant will enable comparable rates to Eskom.

Socioeconomic development in the country

District Power places focus on procuring in line with the BEE recognition rules for procurement. This entails making use of suppliers that are black owned, particularly in the case of subcontractors. In addition to this, District Power creates job and skills development opportunities.

District Power seeks to employ black candidates via direct and indirect channels but it will also allow for the learning opportunities through the creation of a Knowledge Centre. Through the Knowledge Centre visits to the plant will be allowed to enable information sharing.

Lower environmental impact

The energy produced is clean energy and there are lower gas emissions of 0.2kg CO2 per kWh versus 1kg CO2 per Kwh for coal.